media-player-info 19 released

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Hello all,

thanks to Tom Gundersen media-player-info now builds a hwdb file and
only uses udev rules for the cases where hwdb maching is too limited.
This only happens when building on udev >= 196, so this is fully
backwards compatible on earlier distributions.


media-player-info 19 (2013-07-23)
Martin Pitt (5):
      Drop obsolete
      Port generator tools to Python 3
      Rename mpi files with overly long names
      Add Motorola Droid 4

Tom Gundersen (1):
      Create udev hwdb when building with udev >= 196

  sha256sum: 6af252daa8bc5543510e954614e122457429fe9a8d73ad27d6d67c34aff42358
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