Re: [PATCH v3 2/2] staging: greybus: remove empty callback function

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On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 04:09:32PM -0400, Jaehee Park wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 07:48:03AM -0500, Alex Elder wrote:
> > On 4/12/22 11:38 PM, Jaehee Park wrote:
> > > Remove the optional remove callback for the soc_codec_dev_gbaudio
> > > structure. The only place it is referenced is
> > > snd_soc_component_remove() which is only called if the sound_component
> > > pointer is non-null. The null function pointers here can be optionally
> > > ommitted. When a sound component is registered this way, the remove
> > > callback is optional. We can safely remove the whole gbcodec_remove
> > > function, which used to be an empty function with a void return type.
> > 
> > Now I think your description is a little long...  But that's OK.
> > 
> > This looks good to me.  Thank you for responding to all our
> > feedback.
> > 
> > Reviewed-by: Alex Elder <elder@xxxxxxxxxx>
> hi Greg, I saw that this was past on to staging-next already. Is it too 
> late to add Alex to the reviewed by? 

Yes, sorry.
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