[PATCH v4 0/7] Provide and use generic_handle_irq_safe() where appropriate.

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handler/ interrupt controller entry). It is low level code and the
function expects that interrupts are disabled at entry point.

This isn't the case for invocations from tasklets, workqueues or the
primary interrupt handler on PREEMPT_RT. Once this gets noticed a
"local_irq_disable|safe()" is added. To avoid further confusion this
series adds generic_handle_irq_safe() which can be used from any context
and adds a few user.

  - Correct kernel doc for generic_handle_irq_safe() as per Wolfram Sang.
  - Use "misc" instead of "mfd" for the hi6421-spmi-pmic driver.

 - Redo kernel-doc for generic_handle_irq_safe() in #1.
 - Use generic_handle_irq_safe() instead of generic_handle_irq() in the
   patch description where I accidently used the wrong one.

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