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P.S. actually I've created

And it seems to work.
Is there any ways to make a short alias for this IP?
When I'm trying to do it with:

It fails, just timing out reach instead of

Kind regards,
Sergey Zhmylove.
17.03.2016 14:43, Sergey Zhmylove пишет:
> Hi everyone!
> Is there any way to create a kind of PermanentEndpoint with an alias 
> which will work with an IVR..?
> For example, I want to call 22 and that call should translate into 
> "111#@".
> I've already tried create EP with ForceGateway and call it with 
> PermanentEndpoint:
> [RasSrv::PermanentEndpoints]
> [EP::conf]
> AddNumbers=22
> ForceGateway=1
> But it doesn't working resulting in:
> Call on conf_server ( which says that I've inputted a wrong 
> room number (so "111#" seems to be corrupted).
> Any ideas?
> Kind regards,
> Sergey Zhmylove.

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