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Please check if your download was ok.

When I download and extract the archive, I do get a dynamic executable
that works just like the last one.


Josh Rogalski wrote:
> When I ran that command, I got "not a dynamic executable".  What I wanted to do was just drag and drop the already created executable you had in the download section. I am uncomfortable with compiling, and was hoping for a shortcut like last time. Is this not a possibility?
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> Hi Josh,
> my first guess would be that you need to install libssl0.9.8.
> You can check if and which shared library is missing with "ldd /path/to/gnugk".
> I compile the executable one a Ubuntu 10.04, beacuse its easier to install old libs on newer versions than the other way around.
> Regards,
> Jan
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> Josh Rogalski wrote:
> > I downloaded the 64 bit executable of gnu gatekeeper 3.8 from the 
> > download site, I extracted it on my Ubuntu box, and then replaced the 
> > 3.7 executable.  When I try to start gnugk back up, it claim "no such 
> > file found" even though it is plainly there in /usr/sbin
> > 
> > Am I doing something wrong?  Are these downloadable executables on the website not able to be slipped in to upgrade?  I did this for my last upgrade, although as I recall it might have been from a separate site that was sent to us.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  I am running Ubuntu 14.04.  thank you!
> > 
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