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Hello, I am currently working with a development setup for GNU Gatekeeper to try and get call accounting working with an SQLite database.  I have it running on an Ubuntu 14 system, and we are running the latest version Ubuntu’s repositories allow which I think is 3.4, not sure if there is a way to update to 3.6, but that is another question. 


My question is, what am I doing wrong?  When Ubuntu starts the gatekeeper, I assumed the way it works is it reads the config file, it takes my SQLite queries I have in the config file, and then runs them each time a call is made to put them into the database.  Is this correct or do I have to do something additional?  My config for the database queries is below. I am a bit of a newbie with gnugatekeeper, any help is greatly appreciated:





#This section and the one below are used to define some of the database information for keeping a history of calls.  Note - under Database, enter the FULL path location of the sqlite database file





#This attribute "MinPoolSize" refers to the number of active SQL connections.  Adjust for performance.





StartQuery=insert into call VALUES('%g', '%s', %n, '%u', '%{Calling-Station-Id}', '%{Called-Station-Id}', %d, %c)

StartQueryAlt=UPDATE call SET username = '%u', calling = '%{Calling-Station-Id}', called = '%{Called-Station-Id}', duration = %d, disconnectcause = %c WHERE gkname = '%g' AND sessid = '%s'

UpdateQuery=UPDATE call SET duration = %d WHERE gkname = '%g' AND sessid = '%s'

StopQuery=UPDATE call SET username = '%u', calling = '%{Calling-Station-Id}', called = '%{Called-Station-Id}', duration = %d, disconnectcause = %c WHERE gkname = '%g' AND sessid = '%s'

StopQueryAlt=INSERT INTO call (gkname, sessid, callno, username, calling, called, duration, disconnectcause) VALUES ('%g', '%s', %n, '%u', '%{Calling-Station-Id}', '%{Called-Station-Id}', %d, %c)



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