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Dear all,

I recently upgraded my clients to 10.4,  while I left the servers (distrubuted only) on glusterfs 9. 

I'm seeing a strange effect when I do a "mv filename1 filename2":

filename2 is uplicated, one time with zero size and sticky bit set.   

In generally, I know that glusterfs creates link files (size zero and sticky bit set) when the new filename is hashed to a different brick. However, these link files are only visible to the glusterfsd, not to the users. 

I also noted that now the "link files" have  an additional attibute (glusterfs.mdata)  and previously link files stored the "real" brick name in "glusterfs.dht.linkto". 

Therefore, I have a two of questions:

1) Is this a bug, or is it intentionally that glusterfs 10 clients don't work with glusterfs 9 servers?

2) If it's not a bug, how does the attribute "glusterfs.mdata" store the "real" brick name?

best wishes,


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