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I'm a new Gluster user, currently mostly investigating the potential use of the system for our company.

I've read a lot of the official documentation, and I'm able to do most basic operations with the system.

However, one thing I'm having difficulty finding is complete documentation of the available options to fine-tune volumes.
I've seen that with the command "gluster volume get <volume_get> all"​  I can see the full list of available options for the volume, but I could not find documentation for these options.
I've tried looking in Gluster documentation, as well as through Google searches, but did not find information about most of these commands.

What I'm looking for is a page containing a list of all the available options, with a short description for each option.
Does something like this exist?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

With Kind Regards,

Omri Sarig,

Software Engineer


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