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Good afternoon,

I am looking for additional information about glusterfs, arbiters and thin-arbiters. The current stable release is gluster 11, so I am considering that version for deployment. My planned setup is:  4 storage servers in distributed + replicated mode.

Server1, server2 : replica 2, arbiter 1
Server3, server4 : replica 2, arbiter 1

Since having replica 2 is not recommended due to split-brains I will have an arbiter.

Generic questions:

Thin-arbiter approach:  If I go with the thin-arbiter configuration I will use a 5th server as this server can be outside of the trusted pool and can be shared among multiple trusted pools

Server1, server2: replica 2, thin-arbiter server5
Server3, server4: replica 2, thin-arbiter server5

Old arbiter approach:  If I go with the older arbiter configuration, I am considering using 2 of the storage servers to act as both replica and an arbiter. Is that configuration possible/supported and reasonable?

Server1, server2: replica 2, arbiter server3 
Server3, server4: replica 2, arbiter server1

In this configuration, I am considering using server3 to be arbiter for server{1,2} replica 2,  and using server1 to be arbiter for server{3,4} replica 2. 


Thank you for your thoughts,

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