Directory Healing not possible

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I'm reporting this that is a case where i?m involved using gluster in a hosted-engine oVirt environment.
The release is the last (4.5.1) using gluster 10.2
I posted alsto in the oVirt user mailing list:

The issue is that I have a situation where my gluster implementation (2 replica node with one arbiter) have this situation:
[root@ovirt-node2 ~]# gluster volume heal glen info
Brick ovirt-node2.ovirt:/brickhe/glen
Status: Connected
Number of entries: 1

Brick ovirt-node3.ovirt:/brickhe/glen
Status: Connected
Number of entries: 1

Brick ovirt-node4.ovirt:/dati/glen
Status: Connected
Number of entries: 2

[root@ovirt-node2 ~]# 
[root@ovirt-node2 ~]# 
[root@ovirt-node2 ~]# gluster volume heal glen full
Launching heal operation to perform full self heal on volume glen has been successful 
Use heal info commands to check status.
[root@ovirt-node2 ~]# gluster volume heal glen split-brain source-brick ovirt-node3.ovirt:/brickhe/glen
'source-brick' option used on a directory (gfid:95e5075e-720b-4bc0-affe-81d1792e09a6). Performing conservative merge.
Healing gfid:95e5075e-720b-4bc0-affe-81d1792e09a6 failed:Is a directory.
Lookup failed on gfid:75441538-fc18-4da3-9da7-e1c59a84d950:No such file or directory.
Status: Connected
Number of healed entries: 0

and I don't know how to proceed...
in the /var/log/gluster/glfsheal-glen.log is full of:
[2022-06-28 10:15:47.702204 +0000] W [MSGID: 114031] [client-rpc-fops_v2.c:2620:client4_0_lookup_cbk] 0-glen-client-3: remote operation failed. [{path=<gfid:d79fc941-c1d0-486a-9cde-74674884f461>}, {gfid=d79fc941-c1d0-486a-9cde-74674884f461}, {errno=2}, {error=No such file or directory}] 
I suppose this shoud be related to a problem in the filesystem where brick is mapped but I'm not sure.
How can I proceed?

Ing. Diego Ercolani
S.S.I.S. s.p.a.
T. 0549-875910


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