proper way to temporarily remove brick server from replica cluster to avoid kvm guest disruption

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I have a replica volume created as:

gluster volume create vol1 replica 4 \
  host{1,2,3,4}:/mnt/gluster/brick1/data \

All hosts host{1,2,3,4} mount this volume as:

localhost:/vol1 /mnt/gluster/vol1 glusterfs defaults

Some other hosts are trusted peers but do not contribute bricks, and they also mount vol1 in the same way:

localhost:/vol1 /mnt/gluster/vol1 glusterfs defaults

All hosts run CentOS 7.9, and all are running glusterfs 9.4 or 9.5 from centos-release-gluster9-1.0-1.el7.noarch.

All hosts run kvm guests that use qcow2 files for root filesystems that are stored on gluster volume vol1.

This is all working well, as long as none of host{1,2,3,4} go offline.

I want to take one of host{1,2,3,4} offline temporarily for maintenance. I'll refer to this as hostX.

I understand that hostX will need to be healed when it comes back online.

I would, of course, migrate guests from hostX to another host, in which case hostX would then only be participating as a gluster replica brick provider and serving gluster client requests.

What I've experienced is that if I take one of host{1,2,3,4} offline, this can disrupt some of the VM guests on various other hosts such that their root filesystems go to read-only.

What I'm looking for here are suggestions as to how to properly take one of host{1,2,3,4} offline to avoid such disruption or how to tune the libvirt kvm hosts and guests to be sufficiently resilient in the face of taking one gluster replica node offline.


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