how rebalance critical is?

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I've added new gluster node to my initial 500TB node. Added another 160TB and... started the rebalance.. it shows this:

 gluster volume rebalance dw-data status
                                    Node Rebalanced-files          size       scanned      failures       skipped               status  run time in h:m:s
                               ---------      -----------   -----------   -----------   -----------   -----------         ------------     --------------
                             dw-gluster1                0        0Bytes            48             0             0          in progress       20:50:31
                               localhost           701180         3.2TB       1170151             0             0          in progress       20:50:31
Estimated time left for rebalance to complete :    59679:10:10
volume rebalance: dw-data: success

which seems too long to complete. There are lots of small files also. So how critical this rebalance function is? What will happen, if i will stop it and do not complete at all? what is the point of rebalnce? I don't mind, if second storage server will be used only when first will be full.
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