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If you can still move files from the broken *volume*, you don't have to touch .glusterfs folder: it's managed by gluster itself and that's the preferred way to recover (more like a transfer between two volumes that only accidentally share the filesystem on the bricks).

But if the vol was really broken (wouldn't start at all), the only way to recover would be to read the files *from the bricks*.

Those are quite different scenarios that require different recovery methods. Recovering from the briks is slightly more complicated, since you have to manually handle duplicate files, checking if they're actually identical or if there are differences.

Il 16/11/2021 11:14, Taste-Of-IT ha scritto:
Hi Diego,

i noticed, when i move files from broken volume to new mounted gf volume, the folder and files are also deleted from .glusterfs directory. Thats ok right, because there are the hardlilnks of the files, right? You wrote, that you delete the .glusterfs Folder first and than move. I didnt try it because iam afraid of loosing all files, if these are the hardlings. I also noticed, if i moved files and the folder and files are also deleted in .glusterfs, the disk size didnt change.

=> i read about hardlink and it seems that there is a remaining part of them, thats why the free space rises, right? So i have to delete the .glusterfs directory right and no "real" files are deleted. Thats what i understand now by reading about hardlinks.

What do you think

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