Re: [PATCH v2 5/5] add-patch: render hunks through the pager

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Hello Ruben,

On 2024-05-21 22:52, Rubén Justo wrote:
Make the print command to trigger the pager when invoked using a capital
'P', to make it easier for the user to review long hunks.


@@ -1387,7 +1388,7 @@ N_("j - leave this hunk undecided, see next
undecided hunk\n"
    "/ - search for a hunk matching the given regex\n"
    "s - split the current hunk into smaller hunks\n"
    "e - manually edit the current hunk\n"
-   "p - print the current hunk\n"
+   "p - print the current hunk, 'P' to use the pager\n"

I think it would be better to move the description of "P" into
a separate line after the "p" line, perhaps like this:

  "P - use the pager to print the current hunk\n"

I know, we'd sacrifice one line of the valuable vertical space
this way, but I find it more consistent and much harder to miss
the new "P" option.

Overall, I find the introduction of "P" as the new single-character
menu option fine.  Maybe we can later add "-P" as the new command-
line option, if there will be some demand to do that.

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