Re: git init BUG when gitconfig has includeIf

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Heghedus Razvan <heghedus.razvan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Yesterday I stumble upon a bug when doing git init. I didn't
> find any references to it, so I don't know if is a known problem
> or not.
> Steps to reproduce:
> # git init .
> BUG: refs.c:2123: reference backend is unknown

Patrick, this looks similar to an earlier one during "git clone"
that was discussed at

that was fixed with 199f44cb (builtin/clone: allow remote helpers to
detect repo, 2024-02-27)?  The fix was about "git clone", but the
crux of the fix went to setup.c:initialize_repository_version()
which is also called by setup.c:init_db() that is the workhorse of
"git init", so it may already have been fixed (I didn't try).

Even if it is already fixed in the current version by the same
199f44cb, we may want to follow up 0eab85b9 (t5601: exercise clones
with "includeIf.*.onbranch", 2024-03-12) with an additional test to
cover "git init".


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