Re: [PATCH v8 0/8] refs: add support for transactional symref updates

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Karthik Nayak <karthik.188@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I find the '...' always so confusing, I would say suggesting to use
> 'git-merge-base' would be much nicer here.

They are equivalent, except that "..." in

	git checkout --detach A...B

is internal as opposed to

	git checkout --detach $(merge-base A B)

that uses one extra process.  I thought people loath spawning

>>      Check out the latest 'origin/master' (which may be newer than
>>      the base used by (2)), "merge --no-ff" the topics you newly
> For my own understanding, even if we use '--ff' the end result should be
> the same, but using '--no-ff' would ensure that the changes and
> conflicts are isolated to the merge commit, right?

It will make it easy for you to look at 

	git log --first-parent --oneline master..

by hiding the base commits you depend on behind a single merge

>>      $ git merge --no-ff --into kn/ref-transaction-symref ba/zqux
>>      ... rebuild the topic ...
> I guess you mean '--into-name' here? I would skip mentioning this since
> it doesn't have any real effect and is perhaps confusing.

Again this is to help that "one liner first-parent chain" output.

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