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On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 2:59 PM Jack 04 via gimp-developer-list
<gimp-developer-list@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear GIMP team,
> I'm a software engineering student of University of Padova and I would like
> to get some information about GIMP development process, in particular on
> which methodology (i.e. waterfall model, v-shape model, agile methods,
> SCRUM, XP, ...) you chose and why, finally how you have organized it and
> implemented in the team.
> Thank you in advance for your attention, I will wait for your answer.


Simply put, we don't do any of that.

We are not a company, we don't have any kind of a contract or boss,
and only some of us receive humble donations.

We have only rough planning of major releases. We usually set one or
two major goals for every major release (e.g. 2.6, 2.8, 2.10, 3.0) and
then work towards those goals. As there are many, many requests made
by users, we end up with features that can be severely out of scope of
major goals. Moreover, some features are contributed by new people who
are not necessarily a part of what I might flamboyantly call the core
team :)

We don't set particular goals for minor releases (e.g. 2.10.22 or
2.99.4). It's typically a mix of some work towards a major goal, minor
or major new features, UX/UI improvements, bug fixes etc.

Please let me know if you need to know more.

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