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On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 11:08:08, wrote:

> 1.Does the software require admin rights? If yes please instruct reasons for admin rights

No, neither install, nor usage require the user to be admin (if GIMP is installed by an administrator, it'll be available to all users, but they don't need admin rights to run it).

> 2.Can we have source files of the software (Installation files )

What exactly do you need here - the source code of GIMP itself, the source code of installer, or something else? Source code for GIMP and the installer is available through gnome gitlab:

> 3. Is there any instructions or documentation how to support his application ?

You can find documentation for GIMP here: <>

If you need to install GIMP silently, Inno Setup documentation applies: <>

> 4.Does it require any special ports towards network config behind firewalls?

No, GIMP can work entirely off-line. If an internet connection is available, GIMP will check if a new version has been released (this is done through standard https connection; the check can be disabled in Preferences), and there is support for opening remote files directly.

> 5.Does the software use any authentication ?


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