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On Wed, 2020-07-22 at 15:32 +0200, Massimo Fidanza via gimp-developer-
list wrote:
> What are
> the advantages of Scheme compared to Python?

Or, since JavaScript is massively more wiel yused than Python, why not
abandond Python now that JavaScript is supported?

Because it's about choice.

As Simon wrote, there's a core interpreter that's built in; Scheme is
probably still widely taught in computer science courses & it's fast to
parse. So GIMP can ship with scripts and know they will work.

Then there's a set of optional interpreters, often contributed from
outside, and that can be distributed separately from GIMP, for example
to split off dependency issues. I don't need Python 2 (or 3) installed
to have GIMP.

As to the languages, Scheme is a very small language, and not
especially difficult, although the functional aspect can be hard for
people from a procedural scripting background. The Little Schemer book
(MIT Press probably) is old but a good intro and it's thin.

As Maurizio wrote, a script recorder would make life a lot easier;
right now the necessary infrastructure isn't really in place, but it's
on its way. GIMP does not use the traditional MVC command-chain pattern
internally today, and e.g. stores the bitmap result of operations in
the undo history, not the actions needed to recreate the effect.


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