Re: feature request: forget about the goat (somewhat translation related)

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On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 10:44 PM Cristian Secară <liste@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is it possible to change the goat menu item & tooltip to something more
> valuable ?

On the master code (future GIMP 3), I made quite some change to the Goat

First of all, there are now several goat exercises, one for each binding
which we tested, i.e. so far a C one, a Python, Javascript, Lua and
probably soon a Vala one. Also they are in a menu section called

And most importantly, when they run, they don't directly run a GEGL
operation, they first open a dialog with a header label explaining that the
plug-in is a demo demonstrating how to make plug-ins. Under the header
text, there is a text box displaying their own code, and at the top there
are 3 bouttons: Cancel, Source and OK. "OK" runs the filter operation and
"Source" sends to the last version of the plug-in source online (in the

Basically in the future, this plug-in will be a looot more interesting,
self-explanatory and better labelled.

Right now it makes no sense when translating in any language, except if
> leaving the goat untranslated and put the whole story / pun explanation [1]
> in the tooltip, which doesn't make much sense either.

Are you asking this as one of the translators of GIMP?

Including for GIMP 2.10.x...

Now I agree that the plug-in is not self-explanatory enough in GIMP 2.10.x
and I understand that people will wonder what this filter is exactly.
Personally I know I don't really want to spend much more time in the
gimp-2-10 series. This is passed, it has been like this for 2 years
already, nobody ever complains of it (and if they don't get it, a simple
web search or asking on a forum like in your link and they can get their
answer), so I think my time much better used to make it better for the
future GIMP 3.

Yet if anyone were to propose some patch to goat invasion, possibly to make
it work the same on GIMP 2.10.x as it does now on master (it's not just a
simple cherry-pick as we changed the API, but it should not be too hard
anyway), I would gladly accept the patch.


> Thank you,
> Cristi
> [1]
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> Cristian Secară
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