Re: Making GEGL and Babl releases "soon"

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On 29 November 2013 14:21, Daniel Sabo <danielsabo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gimp 2.8 still has "GEGL Operation" under the Tools menu, which
> apparently some people are using because we get bug reports about it
> crashing. I don't see the time it would take to backport those fixes
> to the 0.2 branch as worthwhile; there aren't any significant changes
> required for Gimp to use 0.3 but the fixes in GEGL are intertwined
> with other changes that make backporting impractical.
Agreed completely that backporting is not worth it. Disabling this
feature if broken is also a possibility. If we want people playing
with GEGL in GIMP, a 2.10 prerelease would probably be more useful for
both devs and users..

But up to mitch though what to go for in GIMP 2.8, I think.

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