Re: how to modify the `variable` property?

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>> Well, a reject pattern will be applied only when caches is reading.

By the way, this behaviour is undocumented in the `fonts.conf`

>> To make it working, you may want to replace target="font" to
>> target="scan" in your config and run fc-cache -f to update.
> Thanks, it works now.

I answered too quickly.  It apparently doesn't work for LilyPond,
which uses an application-specific Fontconfig configuration file.  In
other words, I need a method to reject fonts with index > 0xFFFF that
doesn't need rescanning of all fonts in the OS, something like


Any idea how this could be achieved?

If it weren't for backward compatibility I would simply ask to add a
new property `namedinstance` that gets set as soon as the font index
is larger than 0xFFFF...


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