Monospace detection

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We have two values in spacing property to consider if a font is
monospaced or not. FC_MONO and FC_DUAL.  Right now fontconfig decides
it when:

- single advance value available in a font -> FC_MONO
- two advance values available in a font and larger value is twice of
smaller value -> FC_DUAL

This code worked for fonts which has smaller language coverage and
satisfy older Unicode specifications that non-Latin characters assumes
double-widths or so.

Nowadays, various glyphs are included in even monospaced fonts which
doesn't meet the above criteria (i.e. Noto Mono). it may be a time to
update and improve this.

What do you think?

I'm not sure what approach is better though, the idea that comes to my
mind is to refer sFamilyClass and Panose values in OS2 table. if there
are any better idea or opposed to this, please let me know.

BTW given that we decide it like that, it isn't DUAL anymore. need a
good name for that too perhaps, but anyway.

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