Re: [PATCH] Do not remove UUID file when a scanned directory is empty

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Le vendredi 26 octobre 2018 à 12:35 -0700, Keith Packard a écrit :
> Akira TAGOH <akira@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Removed from where? fontconfig still has it at least though.
> When a directory has no subdirectories or font files, we get:
>         Create UUID file (preserving mtime)
>         scan directory
>         Remove UUID (updating mtime)
> This happens every time anyone scans the directory, so the mtime is
> changed at each scan.
> Could these UUID files be placed in the cache directory instead of the
> font directories? That would avoid the directory mtime problem
> entirely.

It would also be a lot cleaner FHS-side.

For many setups, fonts (and the directories they reside in) are read-
only resources, having fontconfig write to those is bound to break
someone’s deployment process.


Nicolas Mailhot

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