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> What problem would that solve?

Well, I'm a noob here, so please consider me being Joe User.  I simply
want to install a font (i.e., copying it to a directory managed by
fontconfig), and the cache file gets automatically updated.  *How* to
achieve that I don't care.

I could even imagine that fontconfig provides an `fc-font-install'
command – together with some advertising –, being a simple wrapper for
`cp && fc-cache', in case this would be the solution to go.

> As you noted, GNOME already does that.  Other Linux systems just
> enjoy the runtime cache update.

What do you mean with `runtime cache update'?

> Most of the complaints we get are on Windows and other non-Linux
> systems, and I don't see how a daemon solves those issues.

Replace `daemon' with any working solution.

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