fc-match doesn't show the correct language for 'style' (bug 27765)

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It's supposed to be fixed, but I still suffer this bug on fontconfig
2.11.0 (debian packaged):

fc-match simply report the first style that it found in the 'style'
field, regardless of the language.
For example, Helvetica.ttf has:

style: "標準體"(s) "Ordinær"(s) "Normal"(s) "Regular"(s) "Normaali"(s)
"Regolare"(s) "レギュラー"(s) "일반체"(s) "Regulier"(s) "Обычный"(s) "常规体"(s)
stylelang: "zh-tw"(s) "da"(s) "de"(s) "en"(s) "fi"(s) "it"(s) "ja"(s)
"ko"(s) "nl"(s) "ru"(s) "zh-cn"(s) "ar"(s)

My system use "it" as default locale, but "fc-match Helvetica" report:
Helvetica.ttf: "Helvetica" "標準體"

that is the first style in the list (i.e. zh-tw).

This behavior can be replicated with each font, like FreeMono in the
debian bug report:
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