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Vous (Keith Packard) avez écrit :> I hope you realize what a performance cost this is -- fontconfig has> been designed to cache information about fonts reasonably efficiently;> on my system with 3382 font files, 'fc-list foo', which reads the entire> database scanning it for any fonts named 'foo', takes 19ms.
I know how Fontconfig is good in this field and more generally takes care of these things. It is just that dealing with uninstalled  fonts, I already had a function for scanning directories.  So when someone asked for, at least, having the system fonts in "read-only" mode listed in the application (without the possibility to deactivate them) I reused the same function.
>> If fontconfig doesn't provide the interface you need, please build what> you want and let us see it. We can't fix the library if you continue to> work around it.
To be honest, I actually think that using Fontconfig the way we do comes to pervert  it :-) Though not in how we grab the system fonts list because I do it just once at program startup, but rather the way we "activate" fonts (ie sym-links into a directory for which we write a DIR element in ~/.fonts.conf) and thus we maintain our own database, that’s bad.But when I tried to base all the activation on Fontconfig by means of SELECTFONT, REJECTFONT & ACCEPTFONT I had some issues I could not overcome and at this point nobody was interested to help. It’s not a problem since we’re at the very beginning of the development and have time to refine^^rewrite the code.
Finally, for the moment, the only feature we would want is a font channel on DBUS (or something similar) to activate/deactivate, lock/unlock fonts, etc. Or is it the only thing I can think at by now? We’ll see!
-- Pierre Marchand
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