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Vous (Nicolas Mailhot) avez écrit :> Le vendredi 25 avril 2008 à 13:34 -0700, Sairus Patel a écrit :> > I haven't seen a response yet.>> As a user, and as someone interested in i18n, I'd be *very* suspicious> of any application that tried to disable the normal system font> management.
I think you forget that  Fontconfig not only manages system fonts. And all font management applications or modules I know (except TeX stuff) for users fonts also use Fontconfig.
> Font & glyph substitution is *very* important on FLOSS systems,> especially when you render documents composed on other platforms with> different fonts (that have different unicode coverages)
In my opinion, font & glyph substitutions should not be done without clear statement from the user that he agrees on these substitutions. From my graphic designer point of view, a silent font substitution can be a disaster. And nevermind if it’s FLOSS or not.
> Nevertheless if you insist on producing something that does not fit with> the rest of the system, I'd say look up gucharmap's code — it knows what> font each glyph is taken from, and once you have this info, refusing to> use a particular glyph is not too far away.
Gucharmap, because it focuses on Unicode rather than fonts, might not be the best code to look at.

-- Pierre Marchand
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