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Le vendredi 25 avril 2008 à 13:34 -0700, Sairus Patel a écrit :
> I haven't seen a response yet.

As a user, and as someone interested in i18n, I'd be *very* suspicious
of any application that tried to disable the normal system font
management. I'd strongly suspect the application writer of wanting to
disable a core platform feature just so he does not have to care about
differences between this platform and other more limited ones, applying
a lowest common denominator logic.

Font & glyph substitution is *very* important on FLOSS systems,
especially when you render documents composed on other platforms with
different fonts (that have different unicode coverages)

Nevertheless if you insist on producing something that does not fit with
the rest of the system, I'd say look up gucharmap's code — it knows what
font each glyph is taken from, and once you have this info, refusing to
use a particular glyph is not too far away.

Nicolas Mailhot

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