create virtual font options with fontconfig

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I am curious if the following scheme is possible:

users install a font named "FontA", FontA may have multiple
pre-set display options, for example, one with the embedded
bitmaps, the other one only use anti-aliased vectors.
Let's say the default fontconfig setting for FontA
is to use the embedded bitmaps.

If the font developers want to make the second
option available to users, but do not want them
to modify the fontconfig files, is it possible to create
a virtual font, say "FontA Smooth", so that when
users select "FontA Smooth", it will actually use
FontA with embeddedbitmap=false?

I think matching family="FontA Smooth" then assigning
family to "FontA" and setting embeddedbitmap=false
is possible with the current syntax, but how can I add
a virtual font name to fontconfig? (so that fc-list can list
it as a family name?)

thank you

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