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Wanted: to allow web authors to access Nimbus Sans L Condensed on Linux
browsers, this being the only condensed sans font family installed on
every Linux system.  

Solution 1: A distribution can hack the Nimbus Sans L Condensed fonts
to have family "Nimbus Sans L Condensed", instead of "Nimbus Sans L"
with style "Condensed". This is allowed by the licence. The solution
is effective but ad hoc and it requires cooperation from all the

Solution 2: Browsers can implement the font-stretch feature of css. No
current browser does this and Firefox developers in particular seem to
have no interest.  A clean general solution, but unrealistic unless IE8
implements font-stretch, in which case the other browsers will follow.

Solution 3: Create a fontconfig alias that would create a virtual
font-family "Nimbus Sans L Condensed".  Ad hoc, but easier to sell to 
distributions than hacked font files. 

I'd be grateful if someone familiar with fonts.conf syntax could 
provide a suitable alias definition.  I know from experience that
such alias definitions are non-trivial.  See the thread I started

Bob T.
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