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Le jeudi 06 mars 2008 à 11:11 -0500, Bob Tennent a écrit :

> Solution 2: Browsers can implement the font-stretch feature of css. No
> current browser does this and Firefox developers in particular seem to
> have no interest.  A clean general solution, but unrealistic unless IE8
> implements font-stretch, in which case the other browsers will follow.

The webkit guys are working on it

What's unrealistic is expecting IE to lead the CSS support drive

> Solution 3: Create a fontconfig alias that would create a virtual
> font-family "Nimbus Sans L Condensed".  Ad hoc, but easier to sell to 
> distributions than hacked font files. 

So you say. It's really not much better than the Mandriva hack in 1.,
and I would argue against such a hack Fedora-side. This is based both on
the general uglyness of it and experience on the unintended side-effects
of doing deep fontconfig vodoo (Yes I played with Condensed aliases in
fontconfig before. No I don't think they are a good idea now)

Nicolas Mailhot

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