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Hi all.

Today I try to crosscompile fontconfig-2.5.91, but got troubles.
1. Target of crosscompiling - arm-unknown-linux-gnu
2. Host is ArchLinux on i686, i686-cross-linux-gnu

Target's root is directory on host machine: /mnt/data/clfs
Target linux builded by instructions from "Cross-Compiled Linux From Scratch - Sysroot,  Version SVN-0.0.1-20070915-ARM" book.

So, when I run configure like this: "./configure --build=i686-cross-linux-gnu --host=arm-unknown-linux-gnu --target=arm-unknown-linux-gnu --prefix=/mnt/data/clfs/usr --disable-doc --with-sysroot=/mnt/data/clfs --with-arch=arm", configure assumes, that:
1. CXX==g++ (because I have not arm-unknown-linux-gnu-g++) - incorrect
2. expat locations, freetype2 and, I think, glibc headers guessed to host-system locations - incorrect
3. hardcoded into 'fc-cache' paths to sysconf dir and fontcache dir, is not relative to target's root; for example, when fc-cache runs on target, reports "Cannot load default config file" - its hardcoded to "/mnt/data/clfs/etc/fonts", but must be '/etc/fonts'.

I think, for correct guessing about paths, when crosscompiling detected, all paths must be discovered from '--sysconfdir' option.

Thank you.
Sorry for my 'english'

Alexei Babich, chematic engineer, OOO NPP "Rezonans", Chelyabinsk, Russia
email: a.babich@xxxxxx
Jabber ID: impatt@xxxxxxxxx
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