Re: build fails on x86_64 because of bad libtool RUNPATH order (FcFini)

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2007/12/23, Poor Yorick <org.freedesktop.lists.fontconfig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:> Compiling fontconfig on an NFS volume used by nodes on a compute grid, the build fails with the following error:>> make[2]: Entering directory `/path/to/src/fontconfig-2.5.0_linux/fontconfig-2.5.0/test'> Fontconfig warning: line 3: unknown element "cachedir"> /path/to/src/fontconfig-2.5.0_linux/fontconfig-2.5.0/fc-list/.libs/lt-fc-list: symbol lookup error: /path/to/src/fontconfig-2.5.0_linux/fontconfig-2.5.0/fc-list/.> libs/lt-fc-list: undefined symbol: FcFini> Fontconfig warning: line 3: unknown element "cachedir">Where did you get that error? Is that from "./configure; make"?
And what is your enviroment ( CPU, compiler version, libtool version ( ld!!!!)
> It turns out that the libtool execution wrapper fc-list has explicitly added /usr/lib64 in front of /path/to/src/fontconfig-2.5.0_linux/fontconfig-2.5.0/src/.libs causing lt-fc-list to find an older  Here is the relevant snippet from fc-list (part of the relink_command variable):
It may be different from your environment but I under my system:
Solaris 10, Sparc 64, gcc 3.4.6 ( from sunfreeware ),/libtool-1.5.24-sol10-sparc-local
the error in the OP could not be reproduced.
-- Best Regards,Nguyen Hung Vu ( Nguyễn Vũ Hưng )vuhung16plus{remove} inquisitive look at Harajuku mailing listFontconfig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx://

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