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Hi all,

I am new to this group, I working on PXA-255(arm) platform running with
linux kernel 2.4.18 and jffs2 filesystem. 

I need to build an application with hindi(Indian) fonts, So as a first
step i tried in linux machine (Redhat 8.0), using gettext and setting
the environment variable LANG=hi_IN.UTF-8. It is working because hindi
fonts are installed in machine.

So i tried the same on PXA but it is not working, so i thought of
installing indian fonts(hindi) using the TTF files. To install it we
require some commands (ttmkfdir,fonts.scale,mkfontdir,chkfontpath etc).
But in my PXA i don't have the above commands.

Please any of you guide me how should i install fonts, and what are the
necessary requiremnts to install it.

Thanks and Regards,

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