Re: fc-list output changes from 2.2.3 to 2.4.2

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Le Lun 15 octobre 2007 08:51, Nguyen Vu Hung a écrit :
>> Or, "MotoyaExMaru W5 is not installed and fc-match is>> expected to return nothing, but returns MotoyaExMaru W3"?>> I don't think the I know what is the right result ( I mean spec ) when> I want to find "MotoyaExMaru W5" but "MotoyaExMaru W3" is returned.
The right result is returning the exact font requested if it'sinstalled on the system. Since you still haven't told us if it is thecase, no one can judge whether the result returned is right or wrong.
If there is no "MotoyaExMaru W5" on-system fontconfig is perfectlyright in falling back on something that looks close like "MotoyaExMaruW3"
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