How can I make sure I get a specific bitmapped font?

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I recently upgraded a few software packages on my (Debian) machine to
newer versions which use fontconfig and related libraries for font

Unfortunately, the font that I like to use for everything that does not
require incompatible font attributes (ETL fixed) doesn't seem to be on
fontconfig's radar. I've tried using the exact wildcard-free XLFD from
the appropriate fonts.dir file, removed
/usr/share/fonts/conf.d/30-debconf-no-bitmaps.conf and replaced it with
the appropriate yes.bitmaps.conf file; wrote up a hints file to make
sure the font was registered with defoma, and tried poking around in
/var/lib/defoma (though not finding anything to change, though there
seems to be a fontconfig cache there of some sort) all to no avail.

When I specify the face
I keep getting what appears to be a scalable, sans-serif, variable-width

Can anyone give me any hints what I might be able to do (other than
downgrade) to get my preferred font back?


Kris Coward
GPG Fingerprint: 2BF3 957D 310A FEEC 4733  830E 21A4 05C7 1FEB 12B3
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