Re: [ft-devel] Re: Why did the default font settings change around freetype 2.3 release and why isn't there at least a simple "no blurry fonts" settings?

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Is this consired a bug, because this only make the fonts thicker.


On 5/17/07, Werner LEMBERG <wl@xxxxxxx > wrote:

> I do have one small question, why is the autohinter so ugly? (Is
> this on purpose?)

You are joking, aren't you?  You should read, for example, this

to see how the autohinter is (more or less) working.  On the other
hand, native bytecode hinting allows the interpreter to precisely move
points so that the outline gets rasterized optimally.

In general I think that the autohinter works *excellent* (thanks
David!), with some glitches here and there due to bugs still in the
code.  Additionally, some (non-latin) scripts don't work really well
because a proper autohinting module is still missing.


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