Re: [ft-devel] Re: Why did the default font settings change around freetype 2.3 release and why isn't there at least a simple "no blurry fonts" settings?

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I'm sorry, for the screenshot i changed the settings, to create the bad.jpg. When i tried to revert all the font related changes i could still remember, i found it reverted to an acceptable:

- full hinting (i guess)
- anti aliasing on
- auto hinter off

The problem must have been fixed since 2.3.0. Sorry for not checking if the problem persisted in the latest version. I am however certain that the BCI was enabled at the time, since i could manually change the settings.

I do have one small question, why is the autohinter so ugly? (Is this on purpose?)


On 5/17/07, Werner LEMBERG < wl@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here are some screenshots, were the bad.jpg is a good approximation
> of the original situation.

Please try ftview and/or ftdiff on this particular font.

> > > Am i again asking the wrong mailinglist?
> >
> > Yes, your question really belongs to freetype list.

Not necessarily.

> > I don't know why Werner sent you this way.  Probably because he
> > saw the XML snippets in your mail and automatically thought you
> > have a fontconfig question.

:-) Indeed.  I need a way to reproduce a problem in a generic way, and
even the before/after snapshot doesn't really help, except that the
`good' one looks like having bytecode hinting enabled and the `bad'
one disabled.


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