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Le jeudi 19 avril 2007 à 23:04 +0300, Tomer Haimovich a écrit :
> That's a bit sad. I am an Ubuntu user who recently upgraded to version
> 7.04. After the upgrade, my Hebrew fonts were changed to something
> barely readable. The English fonts however, are still the same.
> Having a way to define Arial as my primary Hebrew font, yet preserving
> DejaVu Sans as my primary English font, would simply save me from
> becoming insane. Instead, I've been reading fontconfig and pango and
> whatever not man pages, trying to figure out what has changed and
> why. 

BTW we've had very positive feedback on the DejaVu Hebrew glyphs so far.
So maybe Ubuntu is doing something that breaks them. Or maybe you're
just not used to them (seems that the first reaction to a font style you
never encountered is always negative¹). Anyway if you have specific
complaints about DejaVu Hebrew don't hesitate to report them on , or #dejavu.

There is still room to get fixes in before next release. Especially is
the bug report is detailed². 

¹ cf the numerous "Arial is abismal, no way people will accept it
instead of Helvetica" rants when Arial was first introduced in Windows

² Unless your problem is just the font is different from Arial – DejaVu
never pretended to be an Arial clone, and it's not there to replicate
Nicolas Mailhot

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