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Le samedi 07 avril 2007 à 00:58 +0100, Thomas Worthington a écrit :

> How do I install a font such as Frutiger so that styles like "black",  
> "ultra black", and "Extra Black Condensed" actually do something? Another  
> example would be installing Eurostile such that "Extended #2", "Extended  
> #2 Bold" etc. work.

A lot of this breakage is not at fontconfig but app level. Many apps
only recognize the four legacy variants (normal, italic, bold, bold
italic). Or if they are intended to recognize more, have a bug somewhere
where a coder assumed these four.

It would really be more productive if you pinged the authors of broken
apps instead of faking things at the fontconfig level. Or you'll be
burned in a few years when the binary font cache is replaced by
something else.

Nicolas Mailhot

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