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  Simple question:

How do I install a font such as Frutiger so that styles like "black", "ultra black", and "Extra Black Condensed" actually do something? Another example would be installing Eurostile such that "Extended #2", "Extended #2 Bold" etc. work.

Although it is a simple question I would guess that I've put somewhere in the region of 60 hours of work into finding or working out an answer over the space of several years. I did have a solution in the days before the binary font cache: I put the font files into the normal place, ran fc-cache and then ran a Perl script over the resulting font.cache-1 files which systematically fixed all the errors in them which prevented the example fonts above and several dozen others working properly. With the advent of the binary cache - apparently with no documented format - this is no longer possible, and was never desirable anyway.

Having just moved to a new machine I thought I'd give it another try instead of simply running the old versions from before the disasterous change to the cache file but after another whole day wasted I give up. What is the solution? How do I install a normal, industry-standard font on Linux so that it just works without having to edit xml, Perl, or C code?

Gentoo amd64
Freetype 2.3.2
Fontconfig 2.4.2

Thomas Worthington
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