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Hi Felix:

> > I attach two images that show how the fonts look on 10.1 
> > 10.2.
> You're seeing more than one problem, none of which I 
believe have
> anything to do with fontconfig (but I may be wrong).
> 1-SUSE 10.2 KDE has broken anti-alias configuration. It 
defaults to
> "full", but when set to "full" is actually off/none. Go into your
> personal settings and change your anti-alias setting to 
medium or slight
> according to your own preferences. I use medium.

You are right.  Changing hinting to medium resolved the 
problem.  Why don't SUSE people fix this, it can't be that 
The strange is when I set hinting to none it's still not the same 
as when I set it to (non working) full.   
> 2-The difference in font sizes in the screenshots show 
clearly that 10.1
> and 10.2 are running different DPI. Since I don't use NVidia 
drivers I
You are also right here. I had an "Xft.dpi:	75" line in /etc/
X11/Xresources that I added earlier according to one of your 
links and I forgot about.

Thanks again,
Istvan Gabor

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