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On 2007/01/29 16:30 (GMT+0100) Istvan Gabor apparently typed:

> I have a problem that might be related to the fontconfig 
> system.  I have a SUSE 10.1 and a SUSE 10.2 installation on 
> the same hardware (on different partitions).  I also have 
> installed the same version of NVIDIA drivers.  I've set the 
> display resolution to the same as well (96 DPI).  Despite of this 
> the Arial font looks different on the two systems. The 
> differences between SUSE 10.1 and 10.2 that might be related 
> to this are:
> xorg-x11 - different versions
> fontconfig packages - different versions
> 10.1 has fontconfig-2.3.94-18.4,
> 10.2 has fontconfig-2.4.1-19.

> Please help me how I could trace why the same fonts look 
> different and how to mek them look the same.

> I attach two images that show how the fonts look on 10.1 and 
> 10.2.

You're seeing more than one problem, none of which I believe have
anything to do with fontconfig (but I may be wrong).

1-SUSE 10.2 KDE has broken anti-alias configuration. It defaults to
"full", but when set to "full" is actually off/none. Go into your
personal settings and change your anti-alias setting to medium or slight
according to your own preferences. I use medium.

2-The difference in font sizes in the screenshots show clearly that 10.1
and 10.2 are running different DPI. Since I don't use NVidia drivers I
can't say exactly how to fix it, but it may be that UseEDIDdpi is being
used in the latter and not the former or vice versa. might be helpful in fine-tuning
your DPI.

It looks like your 2nd screenshot is the 10.2 one, probably still
running 84 DPI like you wrote in your other thread, while the first is
at the higher DPI of 96 as you set it. 16pt at 84 DPI is 18.67px, while
16pt at 96 DPI is 21.33px. might be helpful
in doing comparisons.

My 10.2 fonts are good, as were my 10.1 fonts, and their sizes haven't
changed. I'm using generic Intel & Matrox drivers on various 10.1 & 10.2
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