Re: How to display bold fonts less bold?

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On 2007/01/09 15:44 (GMT-0200) Charles A. Landemaine apparently typed:

> I'd like to display bold fonts less bold because they look too dirty
> and hard to read.
> Can I do it, if not, can we make normal fonts a
> little bit bolder and use them instead of bold fonts? How can I do it?

Most fonts used on puters come in only 2 weights, normal and bold.
Nicolas Mailhot's reply touched on the reason why. The best workaround
if you aren't using a flat panel display at its normal resolution is to
raise the resolution to the maximum your hardware supports. Higher
resolutions provide more px per character to work with, and thus look
better and have a more uniform weight at any given physical size. and/or might help you
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