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Le mardi 09 janvier 2007 à 15:44 -0200, Charles A. Landemaine a écrit :
> I'd like to display bold fonts less bold because they look too dirty
> and hard to read. I tried the following snippet but I don't see any
> difference:
> <match target="font" >
> 	<test name="weight" compare="more">
> 		<int>100</int>
> 	</test>
> 	<edit mode="assign" name="weight" >
> 		<const>100</const>
> 	</edit>
> </match>
> How would you do? Can I do it, if not, can we make normal fonts a
> little bit bolder and use them instead of bold fonts? How can I do it?
> Thanks,

On-screen fonts line widths are rounded to the next absolute pixel
value. Since current screens:
1. have very poor pixel density
2. have *different* pixel densities

it's very difficult to predict when this rounding will occur. The font
that seems thin to you may be bold for your neighbour, just because he
has slightly smaller pixels and the rounding gives 2-pixel-width on his
screen and 1 on yours. There's basically no way to give good results to
everyone till screen pixel density increases. The attempts to compensate
in software typically degrade in blurry/dirty fonts at small sizes (just
your complaint)

Are fonts blurry at big sizes? If not that just mean on your hardware
pixel density is too bad to display small sizes crisply (you have the
same effect for text × 10 on TV screens)

Nicolas Mailhot

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