Re: fontconfig 2.3.97

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>>>>> "Behdad" == Behdad Esfahbod <besfahbo@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Behdad> I can spend some time working on the config files next week.  James, are
Behdad> you working on this already?  In the mean time, I'll try to push the
Behdad> snapshot into Fedora development.

Yes.  I don't have a freedesktop account, so what I have so far is up
at my git box:


It has the config files split out, all numbered, moved to conf.avail.

It just needs the final code for conf.d's to generate the
default set of symlinks during a make install.  That should be pushed
out later today after testing.

I haven't looked at what you posted yet, though I have saved it.

James Cloos <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx>         OpenPGP: 0xED7DAEA6

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