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I've tagged release 2.3.97 this evening. 

779de92cb53db0d4e5c4fba244310ef9  ChangeLog-2.3.97
c7c7a1866341d73455271ad14d8db54e  fontconfig-2.3.97.tar.gz

Here's current bug status:

      * 2511 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Handle Ultra font weight name. 
Fix available; I cannot test without font using 'ultra' name. Ross
Burton (reporter) hasn't responded to request for info.

      * 5360 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Fontconfig 2.3.92 crashes KDE
        built with fontconfig 2.1.0. 
I can't reproduce; I'm assuming this has been fixed.

      * 7528 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fontconfig support to exclude
        glyphs from fonts. 
This is significant new functionality; I don't think it should block 2.4
at this point.

      * 7597 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fc-match results in segmentation
        fault when I try to use charset. 
I fixed the segfault, but the ascii representation of a charset is still
lame. Will need to be fixed as a part of 7528 probably.

      * 7662 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Enhance fontconfig to render
        Microsoft fonts better. 
Just config file suggestions.

      * 7663 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fonts.conf lines inverted. 
This is the config file restructuring; I'd like to see this done before
2.4, but it's not going to require any code changes.

      * 7673 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -preferred family name should be
I think this one wants us to reorder the family names found in the font
file. I'm not sure we want to do this, and it would represent a visible
change in how fonts were presented to users. I'm inclined to 'do no
harm' and not change what we've got at this point; we're effectively
letting the fonts themselves choose order.

      * 7758 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -configure finds no useful
        libiconv, actually on Mac OS X 10.4.7. 
I can't do this work, not having the related operating system. Someone
with a Mac OS X box is encouraged to do this work.

I'd be happy shipping with all of these unresolved, with the possible
exception of 7663. I'd like to know the state of that work so we can
pick a tentative release date. I'm hoping that will be this week.


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