Re: bug status for 2.4 release

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On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 16:33 -0400, James Cloos wrote:
> >>>>> "Keith" == Keith Packard <keithp@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Keith> I suggest moving the actual reference to the user config file
> Keith> into conf.d/50-user.conf and renumbering the existing config
> Keith> files so they lie in proper relation to the user config file
> Keith> numerically.
> local.conf should probably also be done that way, then, too.

Yes, you're right, although 'local.conf' is fairly deprecated these days
with conf.d available.

Any suggestions on where the unused config files should
go? /etc/fonts/conf.d, /etc/fonts/conf.avail
and /usr/share/doc/fontconfig/examples all have their merits...

> Keith> A report where fontconfig is hanging while scanning unknown
> Keith> fonts.

> I can't find the other fonts which I had troubles with.  Either they
> are no longer a problem or I dumped them someplace other than my usual
> dumping ground of /var/preserve....

As usual, phantom bugs abound. I may end up closing this and waiting to
see if people have troubles with current FreeType/fontconfig setups.


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