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There are now 9 unresolved bugs blocking the 2.4 release; the blocker
bug is #8100, check out the status at:


(no, I didn't do anything special to get a xx00 bug number, it's just

      * 2511 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Handle Ultra font weight name. 
A patch has been applied to the ultra-width branch; people interested in
seeing if this works are encouraged to test that.

      * 4924 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Wrong font names. 
This is a report about several Futura faces getting only the 'Futura'
part of the name and not including any identifying extra information. I
think this is actually correct though; we should report the fullname and
style in their respective elements. Unless I hear back from people with
these fonts, I'm going to mark it as 'notabug'.

      * 5360 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Fontconfig 2.3.92 crashes KDE
        built with fontconfig 2.1.0. 
Obviously this is a critical release blocker. However, the report is
sketchy and lacking any kind of stack trace. Anyone interested in
looking at this and making sure KDE built against old libraries
continues to work with the current fc-2_4-keithp branch?

      * 7528 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fontconfig support to exclude
        glyphs from fonts. 
This is the patch to hack lang tags in fonts. I'd prefer it to do both
language blacklisting and glyph blacklisting as there are good reasons
to do both. A schedule of when this might get done would be useful;
failing that, we'll pend it until after 2.4.

      * 7597 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fc-match results in segmentation
        fault when I try to use charset. 
This is effectively a complaint that the string format for a charset is
unusable; attempts to use sensible values actually crash the library. Of
course the crashes should be fixed, but I'd like to see a sensible
string syntax for charsets. Now that we don't depend on efficient string
parsing for startup performance, let's rework the string format for
charsets into something usable by people. Suggestions anyone?

      * 7662 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -Enhance fontconfig to render
        Microsoft fonts better. 
This bug links to a selection of configuration files for ancient
fontconfig that purport to improve the rendering options used with
various microsoft web fonts. It needs to be cleaned up and turned into a
config file we can stick in conf.d; anyone interested here?

      * 7663 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fonts.conf lines inverted. 
There's a general problem here -- some configuration stuff needs to be
done before the user config file is loaded and some after. I suggest
moving the actual reference to the user config file into
conf.d/50-user.conf and renumbering the existing config files so they
lie in proper relation to the user config file numerically. Is this
sensible? It sure seems easy to me.

      * 7758 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -configure finds no useful
        libiconv, actually on Mac OS X 10.4.7. 
Someone who can build fontconfig on Mac OS X is needed here to fix the
autotools configuration to located and reference -liconv on this
platform. Failing an interested party, this can be pushed beyond 2.4.

      * 8063 [---, keithp@xxxxxxxxxx] -fc-cache hangs/uses lots of
A report where fontconfig is hanging while scanning unknown fonts.
Information about which fonts are breaking things has been solicited;
anyone else seeing fontconfig wedges? Note that blacklisting by filename
can work around problems like this.

If anyone else has bugs which they think need to be fixed before 2.4 is
released, please make them block #8100, or they won't get considered.


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